Dusting Off an Old Blog

Many things have happened since I wrote on this blog the last time. I am currently studying for my masters’ degree in Christian counseling, something I have wanted to do for years now. I don’t make decisions very quickly, so it takes a long time for the Lord to convince me that He really wants me to make a move for Him. Enrolling in Bible college was one of those moves.


Another thing going on in my life now is that my husband is very ill. He has bipolar disorder anyway, but he was doing pretty well. A urinary tract infection threw everything off, however. So he is in intensive care in a hospital many miles from me in a large city. The situation has forced me to face my own fears and limitations.


In other news, I started a website. You can see it at mentalhealth4christians.com. It is simply a collection of my own articles about various aspects of mental health. I also have included some links that I think might be helpful for believers who are struggling with their own mental health or with that of a family member or close friend. I intend to link this blog to that site, and hopefully post more frequently.


Finally, I’d like to inform anyone who sees this that October 2-8, 2011, is Mental Illness Awareness Week.  October 4th, a Tuesday, is the National Day of Prayer for Mental Illness Recovery and Understanding.  Please mark your calendar and plan to spend some time in prayer for these tremendous needs.  You can find resources to help on the NAMI website.



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