Neat Website for Counselors and Counselees

Here’s a link to an article on Counseling Solutions, the website of Rick Thomas.  This is a cool site because it has lots of helpful articles for Christians who are struggling with various issues, but it also has a component for people who are studying to be Christian counselors.  There are helpful webinars and tutorials if you join the site as a member.  It costs a little bit.  I think it’s around $4 a month.  But even without joining you can access a lot of practical info, and Bro. Rick’s approach seems really balanced and Biblical to me from what I’ve seen.  The article I’ve linked is about men counseling women and the stumbling-block inherent in such a counseling relationship.

In my news, I’m on the last leg of completing my Masters in Christian counseling from Summit Bible College in Bakersfield, CA.  I still have a thesis to write, and I want to do a practicum.  The way I understand it, the degree will be a Master of Theology without the practicum and a Master of Ministry with one.  I just like the M.Min. title better.  The reason I chose Summit is that it’s kind of affordable.  I’m still thanking God that He opened the door for me to study online.

I’ve also become involved with a local chapter of Celebrate Recovery.  It’s a Christ-centered 12-Step program for “hurts, hang-ups, and habits.”  I’m sure I fit in there somewhere.  Anyway, I love it because I love the people who come.  The lessons seem a little shallow, but our discussions go deep, so it’s good.  As I’ve researched recovery, counseling, the “Anonymous” support groups, I discovered that there is an “Emotions Anonymous.”  How interesting!

I also got a JOB, if you can believe it.  I’m a DSP now.  That stands for “direct service professional,” and I work part-time in a group home where six people with developmental disabilities live.  I’ve always enjoyed being around that population.  It is why I originally got my BSinEd. in Special Education many years ago.  The raw truth is, though, that I’m pretty ineffectual in the classroom.  Too much of a push-over.  Working with adults is much more to my liking.  Getting back into the real world of work after 25 years of sahm-ing and homeschooling has been a real eye-opener!  Things have changed in the last quarter century, baby!

Anyway, I hope to start blogging more regularly.  My husband is still alive and getting some better, although he now has a definite diagnosis of Alzheimer’s.  God bless you all!


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