A Season of Needed Change–My New House


I woke up with a burning desire to tell the world the story of my house. I am closing on it today, and it feels surreal to me. Anyway….

Last winter and the winter before it were AWFUL, quite frankly. I live in a mobile home in the country—that is not the problem, though. Well, it kinda is. See, my little piece of heaven out here is about 40 minutes from my workplace on a good day, and feels much farther on a rainy or icy day. And we sure had our share of icy road days last winter!

You know, you can only be rescued by angels a finite number of times before you start to wonder if you need to change your living arrangements! Or at least that’s true for me. One of the three temptations of Jesus was to throw himself off the pinnacle of the temple because the angels would rush in to save him. But what did he tell the devil? “As it is written…..don’t push your luck.” Or something like that.

Anyway, here are a few angelic rescues of the past couple of winters….

We were snowed in without electricity, and baby, this house was chilly. Really. We had no alternative heat source. Except body heat if we cuddled under a blanket. (My married kids and myself. Fun for them, maybe, but awkward for Mom!) We had candles. I didn’t know the candles in the flower pots makeshift heater Pinterest idea yet unfortunately. We were cold. We spent a day and a night like that. On the second day, a neighbor happened to come down in his 4-wheel drive pick up and stand out at the road yelling. Someone, we still don’t know who, had informed him that there might be people snowed in here. He picked us up and we spent the next night in his wood heated basement. We survived.

On another occasion, I was done with my work week after spending the days in town in an over-priced motel, and I was really longing to get home. But my little car doesn’t do well on slippery roads, and I tend to poke along anyway, so it took me about an hour and a half to get to the hill I live on. The car just would not make it up the last hill. I managed to back it off the road and sat there trying to decide how to make it the last ¼ mile home. Hiking wouldn’t be so bad if it hadn’t been about to get dark and about 0 degrees. And really steep. And me middle-aged and out of shape coming off of an over-night shift. On a Sunday. (Long story—but I was tired to say the least.)

I wondered if I’d be one of those people you read about frozen to death in their cars.

Well, I decided to try it. I got my daughter on the phone and she said she’d come out to the mailbox to meet me and help if she could.

Well, just about that time a jeep wheels up! A nice young man named Christian and his wife or girlfriend were out joy-riding. The only other vehicle I’d seen on the road for the whole drive. They stopped, pulled me into the jeep, and drove me home. Deposited me at the front door and went on their way.

And there were less dramatic examples, but like I said, there comes a time, for me at least, when you stop pushing your luck.

So I knew I had some inheritance money coming in this year in September. On the back burner of my mind it had been simmering that it would be enough to make a down payment on a decent place in town. Then if I could sell my country place and do some other juggling, I might be able to pay it off pretty quick.

I talked it over with a coworker, and here is the advice she gave me. This is paraphrased, but the advice is really how her dad always looked at big decisions like this. He would say, if you want to do something, pray about it, and then start moving towards it. Try doing some things and see if it works. If it is God’s will, it will happen. If not, you don’t want it, right?

So along about August, I called a realtor about a potential home. She happened to be a brand new real estate agent, and I decided to let her do the honors of helping me find a home. She said, “Let’s set a goal of having you in town by winter.”

And here we are, two months later, about to close the deal. It’s a simple home, but I can honestly say it will be the nicest home I’ve ever lived in. Picky people might call it a “fixer upper” but to me, it’s a beauty.

Thank you, Lord. Thank you, angels of rescue. Thank you, realtor Angie. Thank you to my coworker’s dad. Thank you to my dad for leaving an inheritance.

Thought to ponder: Are you in a situation that seems incredibly difficult, risky, impossible? Maybe you can start to move in the direction of your desires. The Bible says if we delight ourselves in the Lord he will give us the desires of our heart. Prayer and faith change things. Let God start to birth an idea in your mind. Let it brew and simmer a while on the back burner. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be entering a serene time of blissful change before long!



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