Word for 2015

I’ve been challenged to choose a word for the year (2015) instead of (or in addition to?) traditional resolutions, and I would hold that challenge out to others, too. I want the year to be one of overcoming anxious feelings. I thought about the word “carefree” and I thought about the word “safeguarded.” I wrote little acrostic poems for each of them, which I will share in a moment.

But the word that really reached out and resonated with me was “refuge.” There are several encouraging Bible verses that talk about God as a refuge. I hope the year will be one of learning to cast my cares on God because I am safeguarded and I can be carefree if I realize that.

So here’s a one-liner I was pondering as I woke up the other day:

“I can embrace risk because I have a refuge.”

Anyway…..here are the poems.


Silly how I fret
About so many little things…
Freedom is in my grasp…
Easy living…because my
God is powerful, present, and reliable,
Unequaled in goodness, Who
Anchors my soul in the
Rock of eternal acceptance—even
Death itself is no longer an
Enemy. So let this old
Dread make way for delight.


Certainty is an impossibility.
All we can
Really be sure of is that
Everything will work out in the end.
Fine sunny days, warm nights,
Require only that I relax and
Enjoy the moment as I amble along the
Eternal path to bliss.

Some “refuge” scriptures: Ps. 62:8, 9:9, 46, 57:1, 91, Prov. 14:26, Is. 4:6, 25:4, and Heb. 6:18. Here’s a link to Heb. 6:18 in a variety of versions.

So what’s your word for 2015?


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