Eco of the Week-O #1

That’s a silly title perhaps, but I think Christians should care about the environment. One thing I want to do during 2015 is become more green in the way I live. To do that, I am purposing to adopt a new habit, recycle something, buy a tool for green living, or otherwise reduce my carbon footprint every week of the year. And I plan to share that effort here.

Today is the 8th of January, so I am a little late getting started with this, but my first effort is that I crocheted a reusable Swiffer cover. There are many patterns for these if you check Pinterest. The link above is similar to the one I made, although a lot neater than mine! A really simple reusable cover can be made by simply cutting pieces of fleece fabric to fit.

To encourage anyone reading, I’d like to mention that I managed to begin using reusable grocery bags consistently during 2014. If you don’t use them, let me encourage you to try. They are really helpful if you go to those bag-your-own places like ALDI. But not only do you reduce the plastic bags used in the world, you reduce the bag clutter that comes into your home! Plus, I have found reusable bags to be much sturdier and roomier, thus making the whole process of bringing groceries into the house from the car much more convenient.

I love them. The only downside is that sometimes the cashier lets out a sigh. They’re much more in their groove when customers don’t have reusable bags, at least in this part of the country (central Missouri.)

So anyway, check back and hopefully I’ll have a new project or effort posted before Jan. 14th! Stay green!


One thought on “Eco of the Week-O #1

  1. I live in Mo but grew up in Colorado. When I went there on vacation, I found out many stores weren’t using plastic anymore and making customers go w reusable bags. I was shopping in Estes Park, lots of little shops along sidewalks and had a paper sack w books that was ripping. At the next shop, a t-shirt print shop, my daughter bought something, I asked if I could have a plastic bag for her purchase because my sack was tearing so I could put my books in w it. The store had plastic bags but the clerk was very reluctant to give me one. He had a long talk w me about plastic and really hated giving me a plastic bag. I had a huge conversation just to get a plastic bag! He finally agreed still reluctant when I promised I would try to put anything else we bought along the way in it as well. So that shows that some places are and don’t feel bad next time they give you a groan at the store since stores I the west are getting to where that’s the preference and may not even give any other choice!

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