Thoughts on the Word Follow

16. Follow Meme

“To have you there beside me and never feel alone
And all the time that you’re with me, we will be at home….
Follow me up and down
All the way and all around
Take my hand and I will follow too.”
–John Denver

I went to the park to take what I rather optimistically called “winter art shots” and came home with this photo among my treasures. Funny. I didn’t remember taking a picture of twin trees side by side. I was looking at the sky and the play of bare branches against it. I never noticed there were two trunks!

As I was thinking about the word “follow” this picture jumped out at me. When I married my husband almost 28 years ago, I sang the song “Follow Me” (written by John Denver) at our wedding.

We’ve been “all the way and all around.” It hasn’t always been easy and it’s sure not easy now. But easy doesn’t always mean “good.” “Good” can be hard. And it has been “good.”

Like these trees, growing beside another person affects your growth pattern. There are branches that are stunted or missing. But what if there are roots that are intertwined, strengthening each other, feeding off each other? Marriage changes us, for better or worse. When we decide to go through life following and being followed, it will make us both different. Two, in their separateness, become a kind of one.

That’s a truth, and I have no regrets.


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