Are You Ready?

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Are You Ready for Something Better?

Sometimes I have so much message resonating in my heart that I just want to flood hurting people with love and compassionate truth. I so want people to be happy. To enjoy living in their own skin. To have everything they need.

God loves you, my friend. God promises to provide all your needs (Philippians 4:19.) God promises that if you have faith, you will never be put to shame (Rom. 10:11.)

To never be ashamed….Isn’t that a beautiful thought?

That means you don’t have to feel embarrassed because your legs jiggle when you’re working out at the gym. You don’t have to hate yourself for taking a second piece of birthday cake. You don’t have to change your hair and your make-up and your personality in order to be a person worthy of love.

You are worth it to God. He cares enough about you that you are still in this world. He is NOT disgusted with you any more than he is disgusted with anyone else.

On the night Jesus was born, the angels said, “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth, peace, good will toward men.” To me that means that God was extending good will toward humanity.

He is not disgusted with the human race. He might feel sorely grieved when we are unkind to each other, especially to those who are weaker, but he is not mad at you. Especially if you are a dedicated believer trying your best to live a righteous, Christ-honoring life!

But as I was thinking about this and feeling frustration about it, something occurred to me. These young ladies (it’s usually young women) might just be enjoying youthful angst and have no real desire to overcome those feelings of self-disgust and remorse.

They just aren’t ready for change. And a person will not change if he or she does not make the decision or have the desire for a change.

Counselors can counsel, teachers can teach, coaches can coach, but if the individual listening rejects the message and prefers to stay in their self-perpetuating world of depression and anxiety, well….

That’s the end of the story! (For now.)

As an older person who has struggled with poor self-esteem, anxiety, and even depression throughout much of my life, I look back and realize that many, many beautiful, love-filled moments of my life were tainted with the stench of worry and not feeling good enough.

Hey, folks, nobody’s perfect. And God loves people!

Take an old lady’s advice. Learn to love yourself and accept love from your spouse, your kids, friends and acquaintances, and God, while you are still young. Don’t delay. You’re only wasting your chances for delirious joy and happiness today.

If you are ready for change and want to get a “revelation of God’s love for you,” as Joyce Meyer puts it, here is an exercise to try. This is actually something I did for a solid YEAR, and I cannot tell you how much of a difference it made in my heart.

Find or make a picture of a smiley face that says “God loves you.” The bigger, the brighter, the better. Hang it up where you are forced to look at it every day. Many times a day. For me, that was the wall across from the spot where I sat at the kitchen table.

Think about it every time you look at it. Say it to yourself. Again and again. Emphasize each word in turn. GOD loves me. God LOVES me. God loves ME.

Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

If you’re not ready for change, well, that’s ok, too.

However, be aware that some day you may wake up and realize how many beautiful moments you missed.


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