cropped woods

So last post, I touched on a long term hope I’d had to take the training to become a WRAP facilitator, and now, I am! The training was both exhilarating and exhausting! I definitely hit my limit when it comes to driving and being around people, but it was worth it.

My perception of the WRAP, or  Wellness Recovery Action Plan (developed by Mary Ellen Copeland) has changed a little, or perhaps I should say, it’s fleshed out a little. I know a lot that I didn’t know before. But perhaps my  most striking observation that I hadn’t realized before is how appropriate it is for WRAP to be facilitated by a peer specialist. But that shouldn’t surprise me, seeing that WRAP was developed by people who were in the trenches, so to speak. People who were dealing with mental health challenges first hand, who knew the reality of unwanted hospitalization, stigma, medications, and frightening mental health symptoms.

The concept of a Certified Peer Specialist is so smart! Let people have some credit for their lived experience, train them in a reasonable amount of time, and pay them well to serve on the mental health team. If anyone is reading this and has dealt with a diagnosis and all that entails, and would like to help others who are struggling, you should consider getting trained. Training appears to be offered on a state by state basis. Here’s a link to Missouri’s Peer Specialist website.

Anyway, hopefully I will be involved in helping lead a WRAP support group in the near future. Not exactly sure how that will transpire….

For some reason, I felt a strong desire to lead a poetry writing journaling group on Facebook during the month of August. If you are at all interested, go over to the Wisdom’s Heart Facebook page and join us. I plan to provide daily prompts as well as ideas for forms of poetry. You don’t have to post what you write if you don’t want to, but it would be wonderful if you did!

I’m hoping to take the prompts and resulting poetry and put them together in an ebook to pass along to posterity. If you join us and share a poem, I will definitely let you have time to polish the poem before publishing it in the ebook! And you’ll get a by-line, if you want one!

Blessings! Stay cool in this dreadful August heat!




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